What Do You Need From The Copy Father?

“I met Mark in 2017 and bonded over our love of nerdom and copy.

At the time, he was transitioning into the world of writing direct response copy and on his birthday, I decided to do a 30 minute session with him to help him.

What happened next shocked me…

I was stunned by how acute his mind was to the concepts I laid out.

Soon after I took him under my wing and since then Mark has not only become my junior writer, but my confidant, someone who I can run ideas through, a friend and brother.

So if you want me to recommend someone to you, look no further than Mark Kington.

He will get you the results you want and even go beyond them, and he will be damn determined to make sure he does right by you.

Adil Amarsi

The MichelAngelo of Offer Creation

“Hey man, I just got done reading the webinar copy you did for me!

It’s funny how I can’t always write good copy, but I totally know it when I read it, and that was fire!

Thanks for taking my idea and making it into $$$


Manny Wolfe

Client Creation Method

“We definitely enjoy Mark Kington’s copy for our company.

Can’t complain about the 7 figures a year it generates from all our true stories either.

The guy is a legend that actually bothers to go through all our content and stories to base his copy on true events in our clients lives.

So much harder than just making up BS.

Ethical and good.”

Adam Lyons

Social Training Company