Wouldn’t life be easier if you knew who was interested in your offers even before they’re even ready?

If you’ve ever come up with an offer or a product you know that it takes a fair amount of effort.

There’s the planning, writing, filming, and designing to get done.

That doesn’t even mention the technical side of things like creating sales pages, email sequences, webinars, Facebook ads, automation, and the million other things.

Frankly, it’s quite a ball ache and what is an absolute slap straight to the tits is when you go through all of that then no fucker cares what you’ve done.

It’s totally demoralizing.

However, when it goes well, it’s 100% worth it to share your knowledge with your audience and solve the problem that they’re having.

Now, I want you to imagine how much of your time you can save if you could be sure people are interested before you go through all of that effort!

By knowing that people want what you’re offering would make the whole thing a lot more worthwhile AND you would know that you’ve got money coming your way after all the effort you put in.

If only such a wonderful thing could be…

Oh wait, it totally can!

It’s called a hand raiser.

In a nutshell, you ask your audience which of them are interested in the offer you’re thinking of releasing.

However, it’s not that straightforward.

A lot of people tend to get this wrong…

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when doing this is they are way too vague.

They’ll ask something like “If I was going to do something that would help you get more money, would you be interested?”

Now, obviously, the answer to that question is going to be yes but no one is going to commit because they have no idea of how much, what it entails, the effort on their part and so many other factors.

Like with most things relating to Copywriting – specificity is key.

So when you’re creating your hand-raiser for your audience make sure to give specific details!

You don’t need the whole thing planned out but just mentioning things like…

  • What problem you’re solving for them
  • The rough time frame of when it’s happening and how long it’ll take for your audience
  • And a ballpark figure they’ll invest

The last part is you need to put in some kind of call to action.

By asking who’s interested they won’t know what to say or how to respond.

Tell them a specific action to take like “If this sounds like something you want to know more about then give me a hell yeah in the comments”.

By doing this you tell them EXACTLY what to do so there’s no fear or confusion AND your post gets better engagement through all the comments.

Which means more people will see it.

The next time you have an idea for an offer, try a hand-raiser this way and see the reaction that you get.

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