There’s an old saying…

“Write drunk and edit sober”.

This is normally misattributed to Ernest Hemingway but it turns out he often used drinking as a reward for a day of writing well done.

Now it should go without saying that this isn’t actual legit advice but more a metaphor.

Writing drunk is more likely to end with all of your writing time being taken by being distracted and going to make microwave Pizzas.

Maybe that’s just me…

Anyway, the idea is that “being drunk” just means getting your creative juices flowing. Simply put yourself into an unfiltered, unedited creative state and let rip!

Just let those words pour out of you like the water from a kettle when you’re making a perfectly brewed cuppa.

After that, it’s time for the secret ingredient…

The editing.

Editing is a vital part of writing any copy.

After you’ve let your words stream forth from you the chances of you nailing the first draft are pretty damn slim.

Even the A-list Copywriters like Dan Kennedy, Eugene Schwartz, and the like very rarely got it right on their first draft.

So, how do you edit?

This is where the “Being sober” part comes into it because you’re not looking at your work with an analytical eye and not in a creative flow state.

It’s time to get brutal with yourself!

The way to do this is simple…

First, you give it a read-through out loud, and anywhere you stumble over your words or have to re-read something then you need to edit that.

Then you do that another 8 times.

Each time getting more and more brutal really questioning whether that word, hook, paragraph, or whatever is even really necessary.

Remember, your goal with writing Copy is to get the sale.

To do that you need to be clear AND concise.

After those initial 9 read-throughs, the next thing you do is sleep on it and then read it out loud one more time.

After reading it through 9 times you’ll start to get way to used to what you’re reading and begin expecting what’s to come and that means you’ll start getting lazy.

However, you’ll have got the majority of the mistakes you initially made anyway.

By sleeping on it, you’ll come back with fresh eyes so give it one more read-through to catch anything that may have slipped through the net.

At this stage, your copy should be looking incredible.

If you want to take it that one step further though, there is one last thing you can do…

Give it to someone else to read who knows what they’re doing.

They’ll come in with completely fresh eyes and an entirely new perspective to spot any parts you’ve missed by becoming copy blind.

By that stage the only thing left you can do is test it and see how it performs!

And testing is a subject for another day…

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