Neo Choice

There’s so much choice in the world…

I was listening to Mark Mansons’ “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” not to long ago and he mentions ‘The Paradox of Choice’.

Basically, this is where the more choices a customer is offered the more they feel overwhelmed. That often ends up in them giving up and not purchasing anything.

For example: If I give you the choice between a chocolate yogurt or a strawberry yogurt – it’s not going to take you long to decide.

Now if I give you a menu full of about 20 different puddings with all different flavours you’re gonna take your sweet time (pun intended) deciding on the right one.

This is due to the fear of missing out.

When we decide on one pudding we have said no to 19 others.

If you’re a parent you are going to know this better than most. What happens when you give your kids a choice?

They’ll agonize for AGES over which option to take. Even when they FINALLY decide they will still be looking longingly at the other option (especially if a sibling has decided on the other one).

So, how do you stop your customers or clients (or kids) freaking out over too much choice and leaving?

It’s simple – limit the choice!

Tell them they have this option or that option.

They won’t be wondering about the other choices they missed out on. They’ll just be happy with what they got. That equals more money in your pocket!

Much Love from my family to yours…


The Copy Father