The Copy Father Begins...
The Copy Father Begins…

Everyone likes a good origin story and this is the story of how The Copy Father began…

Spider-Man being bit by a radioactive spider.

Batman’s parents being shot.

Spawn being killed by his partner and being made an agent of hell.

There are some awesome origins out there and now it’s time to discover the origin story of The Copy Father!

Strap yourself in and lets go on an adventure…

Christmas, a Wedding and a Broken Toilet…

It was a rainy day in September, I can’t really remember the weather but I live in England so it’s a good bet that it was raining.

Anyhow, like most days I was worrying about money. My wedding was coming up, I had a Son under the age of one, step kids under the age of 10 and Christmas wasn’t a million miles away.

It was around that time that one of the kids decided to block the toilet up as well which wasn’t a cheap fix.

If I said money was tight? That would be putting it lightly…

Fun times!

So, being in that position I started to hunt around for a way I could make some extra money. I spoke to the boss at my job (Yeah, got a job and still struggling!) and he suggested doing some freelance writing.

Genius idea!

… But where do I look?

Now, whether this is fate or luck who knows but I’m happy it happened either way. I spoke to my friend and Marketer, Jake Baugh.

Jake and I had been training in Kung Fu for about a year and we had a lot in common. One of those things happened to be he was getting into the freelance writing world and he had more experience than me.

He gave me my first taste of freelance writing for hire ($50 for writing an eBook on e-Commerce!) after that I saw a world of possibilities open up in front of me.

I dove into a rabbit hole of online marketing, copywriting, freelancing and the entrepreneur life style.

Since that day I have studied my ass off day in and day out, got various paid gigs from content to direct response copywriting and I got my self my mentor, Adil Amarsi – but that’s another story for another time.

With Great Power…

Why did I do it though?

Referring back to Batman, Spider-Man and Spawn – they all have their reasons for doing what they do.

Batman doesn’t want anyone to go through what he had to and made a promise to his parents. Spider-Man lost his Uncle and realised that with his great new power comes a great responsibility and Spawn realised that even though he’s an agent of hell he can use his new found powers to protect his wife.

There’s a running theme here that I share.


Everything I do – I do to support my family.

Every time I want to quit, things get difficult or I just don’t know what to do – I look into the face of my wife and children. I think about how they’re life would change if I didn’t work as hard as I do.

Thinking about what could be both inspires and scares me into getting back to work, studying and getting the results.

Success Is The Only Option

Now you know what started me off and why I do what I do – if you find yourself in need of a Copywriter you know exactly why I make sure that everything I do is done to the very best of my abilities.

I will make sure that your campaign is a success because if it isn’t?

My family don’t get the life they deserve.

Click here if you want to see if we are a fit to work together.

From my family to yours!

Much Love

The Copy Father

The Copy Father